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Pflügerstr. 70
D - 12047 Berlin
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2. - 11. Dezember 2022

Eröffnung: 2. Dezember, 19-22h

Montag – Samstag 13h–18h



Aleksandr Delev, Cainelliklaska w/ Mark Bohle, Frederik Fialin, Nazara Lázaro, Studio KERN

FUNCK[  ]RAUM is hosting: FOUL PLAY
directed by Frank Wang and generated by FluxGeist and Plusminus Studio.

Five experimental objects gather for the launch of FOUL PLAY, a bi-annual exhibition series and concept store featuring essential new voices in furniture from Berlin. Material and formal linguistics are re-interrogated, leaving notions of ‘classic’ behind without sentiment. Born in the tension between furniture and sculpture, pieces are conspicuous and align themselves towards speculation and performance.

Speeding across the surface of an accelerating planet, parts and bits have assembled, sometimes assisted by human hands but mostly through digitally informed manufacturing supply chains and transportation infrastructure. After resting shortly in various workshops, living rooms, and ateliers, they are on their way to Claudia von Funcke’s sculptural enclave where they will again briefly rest. Though glam and precious, they are not intended to be surveyed but rather inhabited with, touched, and discussed in the formulation of new ways of living and pleasure-making.