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Pflügerstr. 70
D - 12047 Berlin
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23 June - 30 July 2023

Opening: 23 June, 7 - 10pm

Saturday 3 - 8pm
Sunday 2 - 7pm
and by appointment


Claudia von Funcke – photography | paper | object

Single-track and multi-track – MOVE BY MOVE deals with the question of mobility, flexibility and spontaneity in a completely unorthodox and playful way: a game with form and colour, simultaneity and balance, movement and standstill.

At the moment, the railway is once again on everyone's lips: trains, non-functioning timetables and tracks that lead to nowhere. Trains cross transit spaces, form escape routes and aberrations. In the train, wanderlust, homelessness, exile, fleetingness and existential angst meet. The experience of being foreign and the hope of arriving safely at a destination of some kind, but also dream and trauma are tight-knit. The placelessness and the diffuse in-between thus form a central metaphor for the state of rootlessness and instability of our time. Everything is open and the outcome unpredictable.

At the same time, MOVE BY MOVE is used as a design tool that forces chance, dynamics, anarchy and chaos. The game is set against an increasingly complex, yet standardised world, and rational decisions are questioned or rejected. The juxtaposition of rule and rulelessness unfolds in new photographs, works on paper and model-like objects. Process and experiment are in main focus.