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December 2nd–December 11th 2022

opening: December 2nd, 7-10pm

Monday – Saturday 1–6pm

notes of light

Ursula Paletta – Photography

The photographs were taken at night. Nevertheless, it is not darkness that is the subject, but light: light that transforms the landscapes that have sunk into nocturnal blackness into a fairytale-like, unreal scenario.

Light hits light-sensitive material in the photographic process and leaves a trace. Something emerges that perhaps could not have been seen in this way. Something that only becomes visible in a certain light, at a certain moment or angle of view. In the photograph, the real space is transformed into a photographic image space, which is outwardly very similar to the real space, but not identical, and which follows different, its own laws and rules.

The artist condenses these basic conditions of photography in her pictures in order to superficially depict external reality and at the same time make visible another dimension in the seemingly familiar. In doing so, she seeks to get hold of inner images on the outside and to connect the subjective with the universal. By detaching the motifs from their spatio-temporal context, she opens them up for the projections of the viewers, who involuntarily inscribe themselves in the deserted sceneries.